All informations to our Pretour you´ll find here...

 Day 1 (Tuesday, 5th of june 2018)

  • Arrival/departure at the airport Frankfurt am Main
  • City tour in Frankfurt
  • Dinner in Frankfurt
  • Overnight in Frankfurt

 Day 2 (Wednesday, 6th of june 2018)

  • Breakfast at the hotel in Frankfurt
  • Trip to Rheingau
  • Wagon ride through the vineyards with lunch and wine tasting

 Day 3 (Tuesday, 7th of june 2018)

  • Onward journey to Bad Nauheim
  • City ​​tour
  • Lunch
  • Continue to Gießen
  • Dinner and party in Gießen
  • Overnight in Gießen

 Day 4 (Friday, 8th of june 2018)

  • Canoe trip from Gießen to Wetzlar
  • Arrival in Wetzlar
  • Onward journey to the hotels